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Network Engineering Services :
Aster provides complete range of Network planning and designing services, including capacity planning and dimensioning for the Switch, Access Networks and Transmission Networks.
Aster Engineers are specialized and experts at

Core Network services for
  • Numbering plan
  • Traffic and interconnectivity routing plan
  • Signaling network plan
  • Synchronisation plan
  • Expansion plan
  • Logical and physical node dimensioning
  • PS and CS network plan
  • Network security plan
  • Redundancy and QoS plan
RF Planning and design services using state of-the-art design tools such as PLANET, Asset, TEMS Cell Planner, Odyssey, CellCAD, CellDesign, Pathloss, Wizard, and also developed required software tools, to ensure that design criteria and performance specifications meet the objectives of the Customer.

Transmission/ Access Network Planning and Design services for

?Site Surveys and site selection
?Microwave interference analysis and frequency planning
?Determining Antenna positions and Orientation
?Line Of Sight (LOS) Surveys.
?Path Loss Calculations, Path Profile etc.
?Specifications about Transmit and Receive parameters.
?Deploying; ATM network, upgraded radios, nodes etc.
?Redundancy (link, network, equipment) plan and testing.
?Traffic prioritizing plan

Site Design and Outside Plant works
Site auctions and zoning: Aster can take the responsibility negotiation and execution of lease agreements for cell sites, including Site Zoning, finding suitable site candidates, preparing necessary preliminary and final site documentation, Initial Site surveys, liaison with other site development disciplines, negotiating the terms of the standard lease or option agreement with property owner and CAD engineering.

Telecom Site Construction and Outside plant works.
This includes
?Electrical, Alarm and RF cables install
?Grounding System Installation
?Installation of Captive power generating System
?Civil Construction (underground, foundations, site work, fence, etc. Landscaping
?Equipment Shelter Installation
?Air Conditioning System Installation
?Structural components, tower, sectors, welding work on water towers etc.
?Cable Tray Installation

Site Documentation for Switch, Central Office and BTS site and also
?Site Report and design drawings
?Site Layout drawings
?Site inventory scanning and database creation using various tools such as Granite.

In Site Audits we offer verification of installation practices grounding systems, feeder cables, cable trays, cable ducts etc., confirm to standards and customer acceptation.

RF audits including:
?Checking all antennas at each location
?Checking all cables and connections for weathering and tightness
?Checking azimuth, center line, down tilt (electrical and mechanical) Antenna Centerline and coordinates.
?Verifying that the RF implementation matches the RF Design Sheet.
?Modifying RF Data sheets with correct coordinates and antenna centerline
?Readjusting down tilts if incorrect.

Installation & Powering of BSS & other equipment.
The activities of installation of relevant equipment at BSS (BSC/BTS) sites, like BSC & BTS, Microwave Radios, Antennas, are Implemented as per the specifications & approved diagrams. The various activities under this are as follows:
?Receiving equipment and unpacking site.
?Moving equipment on to site floor
?Installation of BTS equipment ?Indoor as per Installation Documents
?Installation of BTS equipment ?Outdoor as per Installation Documents
?Feeders Jumpers connectorisation as per standards
?Clamping and earthling fixing etc. as per standards
?Cellular & Microwaves antenna installation as per installation documents
?Complete installation of Microwave equipment on both sides of the hop, leading to commissioning of one hop of microwave link

Commissioning, Integration and Testing

ASTER will undertake the various test plans specific to the Network, before integrating the various elements into Network. These tests can be classified as

?System Acceptance Test
?Coverage Test (Drive Test)
?Interference verification
?Interfaces & Protocol checks.
?System Configuration & Translations etc.

As part of the Integration Process, the following sequence of tests/operations will be performed.

?Data link & Reverse Data link test
?Booting the cell site
?Software verification and NVM Updates
?Traffic channel test
?RF TX Power calibration

The integration Testing Services team will carryout internal, external alarm tests, restoring Out of service (OOS) equipment, cell initialization, diagnostic tests, overhead migration tests, CRTU functional tests, GSM basic call tests, switching equipment/module tests, software feature verification tests for to ensure the performance of the system. In addition, tests regarding hardware and software configurations, network characteristics, feature usage, trunking, numbering, dialing, routing, signaling, billing and roaming will be carried out

Aster has provided theses exclusive services to a number of customers worldwide for various Networks.
Data Translations:

?New Sites & Expansion (Radio/2nd Cabinet)/Channel Add/Removal GSM BTS's Data Translations for TDMA & GSM technologies.
?Rehome cell sites GSM & TDMA.
?Preparation, loading & call testing GSM BTS'
?Re-allocation of E911 Timeslot GSM & TDMA systems.
?Preparation & loading of GSM BTS Edge DT's BSC Switches.
?Loading SMPC's Traffic data translations into the BSC Switches.
?General Traffic Assistance, General Data Translation support.

RF Optimization:

Aster can perform and has expertise on various optimization test scenarios in any GSM, CDMA, TDMA and UMTS networks, like
?Continuous Wave (CW) Drive Testing/ Key Channel Drive Testing
?Shakedown Drive Testing
?Cluster Optimization Drive Testing
?Pre-In-service System Performance Baseline Drive Test
?Data Drive Testing
?Final Acceptance Drive Test:

Switch O&M Services

Asterís teams of engineers have been trained in Operations and Maintenance functions of Telecom equipment of various leading Telecom manufacturers in the following areas.

?Integrating Cells
?Configuration management
?Software and hardware up gradations to new releases.
?Consistency Checks and corrective maintenance
?Fault Management
?Network Performance/Data Traffic Reports
?Installation, Integration and Administration of Value added services like VMS, SMS, Auto roaming, etc.
?Alarm Monitoring
?Setting up and administration of OMC SERVER and OMC Workstations
?Taking backups and log files for analyses and fault tracking.

Project Management Services
Our project management approach combines scheduling and planning, resource allocation, quality and cost monitoring tasks, and reporting to successful project implementation. Executive and project managers work to ensure that we meet client expectations. We have developed sustainable, transparent, and streamlined processes to ensure timely and efficient completion of projects. Comprehensive planning and budgeting along with cost monitoring methodologies ensures that budgets are met. Our broad experience in project management affords our clients and us the capability to optimize project timelines, resources, and communications.

Asterís project management services include:

?Establishing project standards, guidelines, and schedules
?Human resource management
?Equipment purchase and installation tasks
?Schedule, milestone, and requirements tracking
?Cost management
?Quality management
?Project reporting and lead client interaction
?Push To Talk Prepaid Systems Wireline Transmission

Network design:
?Detailed study of Customerís Network Requirements
?Modeling the network with different equipment
?Selection of the equipment solution offering the best value
?Physical location of the nodes and site resource details
?Details of allowable routes for optical fiber cables
?Span analysis, amplifier and regenerator requirements
?Traffic demands / parameters for a simple traffic model
?Scalability and Capacity Planning
?Network Layout and Detailed Network Map
?Network topology and Protection schemes
?Site-specific equipment configurations
?Wavelength selection
?Signal flow diagrams for each site
?Network optimization and traffic growth.
Complete documentation of the Network Design will be provided as deliverable.

Network Deployment:
 Field Engineering
 Site Survey
 Space Planning
 Equipment Layout Diagram
 Site Readiness Check
 Project Engineering
 Installation Drawings
 Installation Material List
 Installation Instructions
 Cabling Information
 Equipment Delivery Instructions
 Supply of Installation Material
 Digitised Maps For Proposed Routes
 Route Survey
 RoW Permissions
 Trenching, ducting, backfilling
 Cable blowing
 Splicing
 Aerial Installations (In Difficult Areas)
 Procurement
 Inventory and Staging
 Fiber Characterization
 Equipment Installation as per customer standards
 Distribution Box Installation
 Transmission Equipment Installation
 Access Equipment Installation
 MUX Installation
 Cable Testing
 Transmission Testing
 Test & Turn up ?
 Site testing
 Software Provisioning
 Testing of Equipment and Link
 Traffic Integration / Cut over

Complete documentation of Installation and Commissioning

Network Audit

 Network Audit Report
 Network / Site diagram
 Peripheral Equipment Layout
 Equipment Inventory Report
 Excess Capacity Report
 DSX, MDF, and FDF Validation
 Hardware and Software Documentation
 Leased Circuit Documentation Network Optimization Studies and
 Redeployment and Implementation Plan

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